Essential Questions

1. How can you make your blog "yours"?
2. How can we improve our readers' experiences by adding widgets?

Themes: Choosing the theme for your blog is a big choice. Do you want 1 sidebar, or two? Do you want a customizable header? Do you like the color and font schemes? Once you have established your blog, changing the theme can result in some unexpected consequences so it is important that you get it right before you start adding all of your widgets and plugins to change the appearance.

Widgets: Widgets are the things that appear in the sidebar of your blog. Allows the blog owner to see where traffic is coming from. Very useful.
Google Translator Allows readers to read the posts in their native language.
Copyright License Copyright information for your blog.
ClustrMaps - Shows the locations of the people who have read your blog. - Shows the locations of the people who are reading your blog right now!

Useful Wordpress plugins: Plugins are additions to your blog that increases its functionality. Some of the plugins are useful for readers and some of them are useful for you as the blog owner. These are only available if you decide to self-host your blog. (I just found that out my self!)
Akismet - Spam stopper
Subscribe to Comments - Allows readers to receive email updates to comments after their own.
TweetMeme - Allows readers to quickly tweet your blog posts.
Tweet This - Automatically sends a tweet from you whenever you publish a post.
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin - Helps your readers find older posts that are related to what they are reading.
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