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The purpose of the Blog Alliance is to teach teachers the skills necessary to create and maintain their own blogs, discuss the culture of blogging and commenting, and to connect new bloggers from around the world.

We believe that teachers will never use new tools or try new methods of teaching, until they have a firm understanding of the tools and methods on a personal level. In short, if we want a class full of bloggers, we need a blogger to sell it to them. A teacher mandated to “use” technology will never convince a class of students to blog.

To remedy this situation, we have decided to gather small groups (five to ten) of teachers from our schools and walk them through the blogging process. From there we will move wherever their interests takes us. We hope to guide them toward Twitter and building their own learning networks. We wil encourage them to blog about whatever excites them, whether that is pedagogy or knitting. We want to see teachers modeling good writing practice and taking charge of their digital identities.

Here is where you come in: Blog Alliance!

How about you do the same thing? Help us build a consolidated "curriculum" or course study and let's run this program across a variety of school around the world. If you are interested please add your details to the facilitators page, and let's start building our program.

image credit: Wall of Peace by Jeff Bauche